About Me:

Sole owner – day-to-day operator of the Dog Bed & Breakfast in Port Charlotte, FL.  Founded in 2012 and in 2013 formed an LLC. To this day we remain a 1 person operator – this is where I spend 13 hrs of my day.

But, I didn’t always know this is where I needed to be.  I kind of fell into the pet care industry.

I received a job offer from a woman who boarded and groomed dogs.  She heard about my dog’s sudden onset paralysis of his back legs and my determination to rehabilitate him versus putting him to sleep. 

I still remember the silent judgment of some people around me.  But over a few months, he went from dragging his hind legs to being able to stand on all 4 for 10 seconds, to 30 seconds lifting his hind legs to take a few steps, to walking in a doggie wheelchair to finally being able to walk and then run.  It took over 6 months but I still had my best friend.

So, I quit my job working at a movie theater as a jack of all trades: concession, theater cleaner, ticket book attendant, ticket ripper, and projectionist and went to work as a dog groomer and dog sitter at this lady’s home-based business…and I loved it.  I learned the proper and safest way to bathe a dog, trim nails, comb out, and clip dog fur.  It also started me on a deeper understanding of dog behavior through studying. 

From there I moved 1st to Port Charlotte and found myself working at an animal shelter.  From there I wound up in Jacksonville at an animal hospital working at a pest control company to pay rent moving back to Port Charlotte and founding the Dog Bed & Breakfast.

On the side in May of 2023, I founded a mostly dog-related blog with the express intent of sharing what I know about dogs.

Dogs are not just “a Dog”

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